why design

my path to the world of design has taken me off of my original course, one that was paved and straight, to a rocky meandering journey through my left brain. The feeling I get when I see a well designed building or interior is an incredible rush of emotion and wonder. Through my design education I am now able to put words to these feelings and understand what it is about these spaces that amaze me. My ultimate goal is to be the one making these forms and to give people a holistic surrounding in which to live, learn, eat and be. I want to improve life through design. I seek out simplicity in my life and strive for it in my designs. Functionality, although it sounds dry, doesn't have to be boring and it is one of the things that I respect most about a well designed system or space. I am inspired most of all by the beauty of the natural world; I want to celebrate and protect it through my work.


Here are two of the bathrooms in the house we stayed at in the mountains of Boone this weekend. Walking around downtown I came across a vintage shop selling all mid-century pieces and found these great candlesticks.